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Ammar Group offers you outstanding services such as Civil Construction, Roof waterproofing & Heat Proofing chemicals, Lighting & Electrical products & solutions, General Order Supplier, Automobile import. We endeavor to tender the optimum solution for your Industrial & Residential Projects and impartial advice at an honest price.

Our team is constantly exploring new technologies for your future projects. We always bring passion and adherence to every project we work on, Make us your partner to care your projects.

Our Services


Ammar Traders


Ammar Traders deal in all types of Lighting and Electrical accessories. Our major brands represent our work of quality which is renowned all over the world. Lighting is an essential element. It represents a considerable investment from the onset. The total investment may be minimized without compromising quality and functionality early to the design stage. Energy plays a very important role in the economic development of any country.

We deal in all types of Lights and lighting accessories. Our Major brands represent our work of quality which is renowned all over the world. Our focus and the services we have enabled us to build an excellent relationship with the market. Please to determine how Ammar Traders can meet your electrical service needs.

We provide a wide range of electrical services and Products for residential, commercial and industrial projects on an as needed or contract basis. New construction, wiring, lighting upgrade, new circuits, generator installation, warehouse lighting, and so much more.


Universal Services Construction Chemicals


Construction Chemicals are specialty products that are used in structures to increase their life, and also to impart additional protection from environmental hazards. Construction chemicals are essential for high quality concrete and for promoting the improvement of concrete performance. In the overall growth of residential industrial, commercial sectors. Construction chemicals play a vital role.

Ammar Groups has set of vision to become a premier solution provider company providing a complete engineering and technical solution for the chemical construction. We are trying to be the leader in client satisfaction, innovation, professionalism and superior quality solution. We are the architect of responsive, fast, cost effective and creative solution to our clients benefit, compensation and their critical needs. We are committed to working partnerships with our clients that add value and consistently exceed expectations.

• Structural Water proofing
• Heat proofing
• Admixtures
• Surface treatment
• Protective coatings
• Concrete repairs
• Industrial flooring
• Adhesives
• Expansion joint treatment etc


Karghatra Associates Civil Construction


Ammar Groups offers a civil and construction work that has built a strong reputation for delivering a quality service on time, at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of civil construction. Karghatra Associates is a growing construction company in Pakistan since 2009. We aim to deliver projects with exceptional quality on time and budget. Our technical team use ample tools and machinery, we provide the labor, materials, tools, equipment, utilities and facilities to accomplish the projects. Our team build sustainable structures and make a strong alliance with clients. Our team’s skills describe durability, sustainability & longevity of our structures we effort endlessly for client’s satisfaction cause our clients are highly preferred for us.
Ammar Group has a core business focus and experience in all aspects of civil works specializing in:

• Complete Building construction
• Renovation & Remodeling Works
• Buildings paints
• Repairing & Maintenance etc


Karghatra Enterprises


We import both new & used right-handed cars according as per clients requirement from JAPAN and we handle all the paperwork shipping & custom clearance.