In today’s modern world, optimal living often comes at the expense of causing harm to the environment, yet our health and well-being are two values that should never be compromised.
In order to achieve a balance between these two needs, Ammar Groups perform its innovative acts and provides you a perfect solution for your perfect survival.

Ammar Groups is a trading and contracting company which has been working since 2008 in Pakistan, specialized in Civil works, Construction Chemicals, Lighting solution, Electrical works, Digital website complete solution, Graphical & Printing works, Online Marketing, Apps & Software development, Import & Export of goods and general order supplier for all your residential, commercial and industrial projects..
Besides that, we are local agents and distributors for number of international manufacturers of different companies in Chemical construction.

We are committed to provide and maintain a high quality products and services to our Clients at competitive prices through our well trained and experienced team of management.

Our Expertise in various Fields

  • Civil Construction 82%
  • Construction Chemicals 93%
  • Lighting Solution and Accessories 96%
  • Electrical Works 64%
  • Import & Export Service 88%
  • General Order suppliers 89%
  • Digital Web Solution 90%
  • Graphical and Printing works 95%
  • Apps and Software Development 70%

Our Mission & Commitment

  • We doesn’t only provide the requirement but we also consider the best way to  bring about the target which is only be possible by keeping view of time and easy management of reaching goods.
  • We will be courteous, open and act with integrity towards you .
  • We will proactively seek to add value to your business;
  • We will keep all of your confidences.
  • We will return your calls, email and other enquires.
  • We will meet pre-arranged timelines (or let you know well  in advance if , reason outside our control prevent us from doing so)
  • We will keep regularly informed of the programs of your project .
  • We will meet and exceed your expectation in delivering business intelligence and creating business advantages