Lighting is the most major part of house decoration and any mistake can ruin the look of the house. No matter how beautifully you have decorated the interior of your house if the lighting is not complementing the decorations and furnishing then it is of no use.

Lighting the interior of the house is an art itself, every room and place requires different type of lighting services. Lighting a place requires some research and most of the time people and some professionals neglect the importance of different types of lighting in different places.

Just illuminating your room will not fix everything, you have to consider many aspects before lighting a certain area of your home otherwise so much energy and money will be wasted. These are some of the things which needs taking care of when you are lighting your house.

Below I have listed some of the important mistakes people make while lighting their houses

People neglect the layers of lighting

There are three types of lighting ambient, task and accent lighting and every home requires all three of them to provide balance of lighting inside their homes. Ambient is the general type of lighting which you use for overhead lighting purposes, task lighting is used for lighting areas of activities only and accent lighting is a dull lighting which illuminates an artistic element of the house.

To produce a completely balanced look for your interior design you need to incorporate all three types of lighting at the same time. Only ambient lighting will make everything look plain and flat, you will need to merge all three of them to get the right result.

Lighting not according to the temperature

One problem is that people are not aware of the importance of color temperature when lighting the room. Wrong choice can make a place feel just not right, you would need to choose the right lighting which goes with the color, space and application.

Not lighting certain areas

People usually neglect the fact that small places such as closets and store room with the kitchen needs lighting. I have found many homes where people usually do not light the stairways because it is a small space and they reckon it does not need any lighting. It is important to light these certain areas as they add more beauty to your home and appear clean. You can place LEDs and energy savers which usually do not consumer much energy. Install lights in closets, under the cabinets in kitchen and stairways, it makes the interior look complete.

Wrong lighting for the wrong room

There is a failure of understanding the concept of using the right light for the right room. So many people do not consider if the lighting they are using is going to function in that room or not. Residents apply big and decorative light with giving no regards to the functionality. Yes it is not easy to get the right mix but you can always take help from professionals who will guide you perfectly

No usage for energy saving lights

There are so many people who still resort to using incandescent lights rather than using energy savers and LED lights. these old type of lighting are not graceful and waste a lot of energy, so shift to using graceful LEDs and energy savers.