Every construction project is done in stages where each stage chained to another. Every construction project will demand different number of stages depending on the management and technique. So we have compiled everything and compressed it into 4 stages of construction services.

Pre Constructions Works

Before starting any project, the project teams need to develop the right questions. These questions become the main points that they follow throughout their work. These points can be, for example, the first step needed to focus on, the building permits needed, the pros and cons of investing in new constructions, the total cost and how long will it go on for and lastly, the obstacles and challenges that might come during the building procedure.

Construction Management

There are various elements that need to be considered apart from the actual construction work. Since the beginning of work till the time it gets wrapped up, the team should coordinate and collaborate really well. The construction management is done in three steps:

  1. Planning Step:

The first and foremost step is planning. The whole team and the people in charge come together to brainstorm and puts forth the whole plan. The potential problems and obstacles are also brought into light and plans are made to resolve them. The construction teams works closely with the architects to make project design and see what material is needed. All the necessary building permits that are required, are taken care of and contractual agreements are made.

  1. Executing The Plan

The actual work starts in this phase. In this phase, controlling and monitoring is done along with the execution. The team works hard in order to bring their work in accordance to the set standards. During execution the construction team needs to focus on the safety standards, quality control, keep in constant contact with the contractors, sub-contractors, consultants and etc. the right labor is brought, project documents are checked and all the payments are to be done timely.

  1. After Construction Works

Once the construction work is completed, the team now needs to divert their focus towards any potential disputes, warranty problems or any type of concern on site

Building and Designing

Usually construction and designing are done separately. We provide the design-build services as this method is much easier and having the same team doing both construction and designing, can make your project more efficient. Also, doing both these work simultaneously provides a better picture of the obstacles and challenges that you’ll face in the whole building process. This also eases the process of choosing right material and equipment for the work.


Providing The Best Building Services In Pakistan

There are a lot of services offered to make buildings to be safe and for them to function properly. This is the last stage in construction services.  These services include providing power supply, giving fire protection services, installing lifts and escalators, making ventilation, heating and air conditioning, water and drainage, security system (alarms, sensors, lightening safety system) and building connectivity.


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