Many times you will hear engineers coming in talking about how fed up they are with their profession, you would hear young engineers talk about a lack of growth. Lack of growth is very serious matter in engineering department especially in Pakistan because it takes a lot of time and work to start growing unlike many other service related jobs. Ultimately when someone suffers from lack of growth everything starts snowballing from there, as you start to not enjoy your work which leads to further issues such as stress.

So from here a question arises how someone can tackle a problem which shows no signs of fixing and solutions for it which you most probably never heard or read about in your schooling days

Over here we discuss how we can solve this problem

Respect Time

One thing you have to look after in every matter is timing. There is no thing which annoys the client and your boss than wasting time. Your boss will never accept being late and not meeting deadlines and so will your client. Make sure you are on time for everything, arrive on time, start your work on time and work hard to complete on time.

Be on time for meetings as it shows your professionalism and makes you visible in front of your seniors, inform of any changes or possible issues in time to your client, and never wait for the last day as it will definitely upset them. Waking up late or getting stuck in traffic is not an excuse especially in Pakistan because this is normal, never leave anything to chance.

Keep on learning

One thing that never stops in your life is the learning process. No matter how old you get you will never stop learning. One might say how much more I can learn after finishing such and such degree. You see your learning doesn’t have to stop there, you learn from your experience, you learn from your successful seniors and your bosses. Watch them closely follow them and it would be better if you question them about everything, most bosses will love this attitude as it will show your eagerness to learn.  If you are civil engineer there are various construction companies in Karachi that offers regular learning sessions for their employee to learn and revise things regularly.

Find courses related to the profession, find books related to it as sometimes you might find something life changing in one sentence.

Make a checklist of everything.

When you are working on anything, do make a checklist of procedures and processes to be carried out. This can become very useful as it is not easy to remember everything on your to do list. It also shows your professionalism and how committed you are with your line of work. Making a checklist saves you from embarrassment as you might think you have already done something but in fact it was done on a project which was done before.

Keeping a checklist keeps you updated and makes it easier for you to carry on your task. Also it quickens up you work progress as you just have to check and carry on with it rather than wasting time contemplating what to do now and what remains to be done.